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Multicultural Vienna


Vienna is the capital of Austria and one of the greenest and tidiest cities in the world. No other city is so international and multicultural as Vienna. Tradition and modern living are perfectly and harmoniously combined here. Vienna is one of the most popular university cities in Europe where students from all over the world live and enjoy this wonderful city.
In Vienna there are so many ways you can enjoy your holiday. Whatever your interests, be they cultural, sporting, food, history, fun, shopping, or nature you won’t be disappointed here. The city has so many facets to it. There are so many cultural attractions that draw in people from all over the world.
When in Vienna there are somethings you really must do and see. For example, a visit to the Stephansdom Cathedral, the Schönbrunn Palace, the Spanish Riding school and the State Opera just some of things you can’t afford to miss. And then there is the famous “Heurigen”, or new wine inns, which have such a cosy atmosphere and where you are assured to great welcome and enjoy excellent traditional Austrian food.

Here you will find some inside information for a visit to one of the “Heurigen”in Vienna.

Vienna attractions are not limited its stature as a city of art and culture. There is also the countryside around the city to be discovered. The nearby Neusiedlersee lake is a famous wine growing area where you can enjoy some peace and quiet away from the hustle and buzzle of the city. A visit Seewinkel National Park and the Wienerwald forest makes for a great day out.

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